The Combined Power of All the Stealth Traders Indicators Working Together



When trading in the market, you’re entering an arena as a gladiator.  And in order to succeed, you’re going to need the best tools to keep you in that arena.  Stealth Traders has those tools.  Each proprietary Stealth Traders indicator is designed to help you spot the greatest potential moves, pinpoint your entries and/or manage your trades for maximum success.  And, combining all our indicators gives you the ultimate tool set to compete and thrive in the arena of the market.  That’s why we’re offering Full Stealth Mode, which is a specially priced bundle of all of our proprietary indicators:

HyperSnapback.  Exclusive to Stealth Traders, it gives you high potential signals.

Momentum Band.  Proprietary band that keeps you in a trend and indicates trend reversals.

LRC (Linear Regression Channel).  The only indicator that can truly detect when price is overbought or oversold.

Dynamic Targets.  Real-time targets based on price action, including the relative strength of support and resistance.

Money Velocity.  A predictive indicator combining real-time Time and Sales data and Block trades to show the direction and speed of money flow.

For more details on each of the indicators in Full Stealth Mode, please see the specific web page and video for each indicator.  All our indicators are developed in-house, designed by one of the most successful day traders with 30 years of trading experience.  And they’re fractal: the indicators can be used on any instrument and time frame, including cryptocurrencies.


  • Free one hour 1-on-1 Skype live market training session with Paul Levine ($1,000 value)
  • Free technical support
  • Free updates


All for just $1,699 (a savings of nearly 20% off the total of all 5 individual indicators).
OR, you can lease Full Stealth Mode for just $299/month, cancel anytime.

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If you would like the NinjaTraderTM 7 version of the indicators:



  • The prices shown are for one license (to install the indicators on one computer).  Each additional computer requires an additional license, which we offer at a discount.
  • Full Stealth Mode is currently only available for the NinjaTraderTM platform.
  • The Money Velocity indicator requires that your data feed provide bid/ask data.  Also note that the Money Velocity indicator only works in real-time.  So, if you refresh your data, reload, or change a parameter on any indicators on the chart, the Money Velocity indicator will start over in real-time, and any previous bars of the indicator will no longer appear.  This behavior is because of the real-time nature of bid/ask data, as no historical data are provided to recreate earlier bars.