The most powerful, accurate indicators anywhere.

At Stealth Traders, we don’t offer a lot of indicators, only the ones you will ever need to be an accurate trader.


HS new 2
MB new 2
LRC new 2

Exclusive to Stealth Traders, it gives you the highest percentage setups that no one else in the market sees. Watch Video

Proprietary band that cuts out the noise, keeps you in a trend and indicates trend reversals. Watch Video

Proprietary linear regression channel.  The only indicator that can truly detect when prices are overbought or oversold. Watch Video

DT new 2
MV new 2
FSM new 2

Real-time targets based on price action, including the relative strength of support and resistance. Watch Video

A predictive indicator combining real-time Time and Sales data and Block trades to show the direction and speed of money flow.  Includes various Block alerts. Watch Video

A specially priced package deal of all 5 indicators.  The ultimate suite to achieve maximum trading success. Watch Video


All our indicators include FREE technical support and FREE upgrades.


Note: All indicators are available for the NinjaTraderTM platform.