Signals Changes in Momentum and Keeps You in the Trade



Momentum is the key factor in trading.  You want to get in when price is significantly changing direction and get out when price is significantly changing back.  Let’s say you’re in a trade long and the price is pulling back a little to the short side.  Do you stay in the trade thinking the pullback is temporary and not significant or do you exit the trade thinking that price has changed momentum?  This question is at the root of whether you’re a successful trader.  If you knew when price was just in temporary flux or has changed momentum, you would greatly increase your trading profits.  First, you would enter trades more precisely (when there’s a change in momentum).  Second, you would exit trades more precisely, also when there’s a change in momentum, ignoring temporary price fluctuations in between.  Generally, the longer you stay in a trade, the more potential earnings.  The Stealth Traders Momentum Band indicator provides you with this valuable knowledge.

It takes all the noise out of the market.  Generally, you would enter trades when the band changes color and you get the arrow indicating a significant change in momentum.  Likewise, you would exit trades when the band color changes back.  It helps you avoid making bad entries and also keeps you in the trade longer, as you won’t get shaken out by price movement.

The indicator also works on historical data, so you can see the momentum of price in the past.  This is excellent for getting a feel of how the indicator works.

The Stealth Traders Momentum Band indicator is based on a formula developed from 30 years of trading experience.

Key Features:

  • Audio alerts. Select audio files to play when there’s a significant change in momentum to the upside and to the downside.
  • Momentum Break Arrows. Show or hide the arrows that signal when there’s a significant change in momentum.
  • Fractal: can be used on any instrument and time frame, including cryptocurrencies.



  • Free technical support
  • Free updates


All for just $399.

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Note: The price shown is for one license (to install the indicator on one computer).  Each additional computer requires an additional license, which we offer at a discount.  The indicator is currently only available for the NinjaTraderTM platform.