I trade with a high degree of accuracy.  Learn my system!

1-on-1 Live Market Training with Master Stealth Trader Paul Levine

For 30 years, Paul Levine has developed, honed and refined his Stealth Traders system, which he has used to become one of the most accurate traders of our time.  And the system applies to all financial instruments and timeframes, so you can reap the benefits from trading futures, options, Forex and even longer term stock investing.

Whether you're already trading or just a beginner, Paul Levine will custom tailor a program for you and teach you 1-on-1 via Skype, to get you trading with more accuracy.  And, you'll learn to take advantage of market conditions regardless of whether the market is rising or falling.

If you're already trading, are you tired of:

  • being on the wrong side of a trade?​
  • unreliable entry signals?​
  • exiting too early or too late?
  • watching good moves pass you by?
  • bouncing from one unreliable system to another?

If you're not a trader yet, are you:

  • tired of your portfolio sinking with the market?​
  • frustrated with your financial advisor's excuses?​
  • interested in confidently taking control of your finances?
  • excited to learn how to trade better than the pros?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then 1-on-1 training with Master Stealth Trader Paul Levine is for you!

"Hi, I'm Paul Levine.  I started investing back in 1985 and like most people, I utilized the typical 'hold and hope' strategy: hold stocks and hope they keep going up. Things were going well until Black Monday 1987 hit and my accounts were ravaged.  It nearly bankrupted me.  I vowed to never be decimated by the vagaries of the market again.  I was determined to learn everything I could about investing, markets, why price moves the way it does, and everything one could possibly know about trading and the financial industry.  I researched ferociously and devoured knowledge, theories, concepts, ideas and principles related to trading and price movement.

Over the years, I developed a system based on patterns which are the predictive buy and sell times of institutional algorithms.  I learned the ins and outs of where your money goes and who is really looking out for you.  I developed, honed and refined algorithms and techniques, which I have been using to become one of the most accurate traders.  For the past several years, I have been teaching my Stealth Traders system to a select few."

How Does Paul Trade So Accurately?

It's the system he developed based on a sound philosophy:

In today’s markets, where the vast majority of trades are generated by the big institutions’ automated algorithms, you need to be stealthy in order to compete.  Our philosophy at Stealth Traders is to have the discipline to wait for the high percentage setups that no one else sees, then make your move.

Learn to identify when others want “out” and why you may want “in” the trade.  Spot critical market turning points based on price action using chart patterns and our proprietary indicators to capitalize on low risk and high reward opportunities.

History has shown that when everyone is looking down, we know it’s time to start looking up.  The Stealth Traders system creates a road map for you to know precisely when to buy or sell the market AHEAD of the big moves.  You will learn to recognize one signal and one pattern to make repeated accurate trades.  Traditional technical analysis which is interpretive is not only unreliable but dangerous.  The increase in high frequency trading is making it harder for the average retail trader.  That’s why our system is designed to anticipate market direction and momentum of price action.  It gives you predictive signals even when news meets, exceeds or misses expectations.

Regardless of your trading experience, Master Stealth Trader Paul Levine can teach you from the ground up or improve your current trading results.  Learn how to locate high potential areas of support and resistance in advance of your trades.  Learn how to trade on all time frames and in all markets.  The Stealth Traders system will show you the predictive institutional buy and sell times of algorithms with ease as well as how to manage your trades for maximum potential.  It’s all about having the right tools, the willingness to learn, and discipline while trading.

Just Some of What You Will Learn in Paul Levine's Custom Tailored Program for You:

Beginning Phase:

  • ​Determine your risk/reward allowance based on your account size, level of experience and trading personality
  • Learn a brief history of the stock market, how money is utilized globally and how it relates back to the U.S. and the dollar
  • Why 401k's and mutual funds work for the large corporations that offer them but not for the middle class American
  • Learn a better way of managing your retirement accounts without spending enormous fees for financial advisors or brokers who don't have your best interest in mind
  • Learn why it's important to educate yourself about the financial systems, markets and how they relate to the world. Never feel like you have to follow the herd because you don't understand the process
  • Learn about the main indexes in the U.S. and study their movements over a period of time
  • Learn call signs, candlestick formation, and trends
  • Learn about the different types of traders and how they enter/exit a trade
  • Learn the vocabulary behind common phrases such as "call, put, long, short, ask, bid"
  • Learn how to set up your charts and how to use your desired platform of choice
  • Learn to trade just using price action alone. Incorporating indicators in the next section will enhance your basic knowledge of price action and give you an edge on price distribution in the candlesticks
  • Devising an entry and exit strategy, determining what time/tick frames to utilize, assessing stop positions, setting up your charts
  • Managing trades by knowing how to read price action and stick to your winning strategy

Intermediate Phase:

  • Introducing Stealth Traders proprietary indicators to your charts and learning how each one can work beautifully on their own or congruently as a team
  • Learn what time frames and tick charts work best for your individual trading style and how they cycle to confirm each other
  • Dig deeper into your own personal beliefs about money, and learning to separate yourself from any emotional connection or power you have given to money in your past
  • Learning that even when you're not making a trade, it's a move. The markets will always guide you, keeping in mind not to chase after a move that has already taken off
  • Trading simulated money as if it were real money and making at least 100 or more trades before ever using your account
  • Unlearning any bad trading habits that you have acquired
  • Spending time going over all your trades of the day at the end of market to learn your patterns. Examining your entries and exits on each trade
  • Learning to separate yourself from distractions of the world and concentrate on what's in front of you. The market will always tell you what to do
  • Understanding positive and negative divergence, spreads in the HyperSnapback indicator, chop, zoom zones, and indicator patterns
  • Learn how to execute a trade on the Superdom and on charts
  • Always remember to trade off of price action FIRST, indicators are just to confirm what price action is telling you

Advanced Phase:

  • Learn how to manage a trade once you are in it
  • Forecast what the market will do before it opens
  • Learn what everyone else is looking at and learn how you can take advantage of it by not following the herd. It's beneficial to know how they think but not follow what they do
  • Pinpoint the best times of the day to trade according to your trading style
  • Learn how to utilize the Stealth Scanner email alert system
  • Learn how to trade new breakouts and earnings
  • Learn to trade based off of your risk/reward factors
  • Learn where to place your stops or decide if you want to use stops at all on the chart or just visually
  • Develop your winning strategy and create short/long term goals each month

How It Works:

You'll receive up to 6 private one-hour sessions with Paul Levine, as needed.  All sessions will be via Skype or phone (your preference).  Once you sign up, we will contact you to schedule your first session.

You'll also receive lifetime support.  Paul won't teach you and then say "good luck".  If you ever have any issues or questions, just contact us.  We're dedicated to making you a successful trader.

You get the whole 1-on-1 training package for only $4,997.

There is no other comprehensive hands-on, 1-on-1 personalized training out there.  More importantly, you'll be learning a solid, accurate trading system that you can use in any market.  Because all training is taught personally by Paul Levine, whose time is scarce, there are limited spots available.

Currently, there are no 1-on-1 training spots available.  Sign up to the waiting list, and we will notify you when a spot opens up:

Your information will not be sold or shared.  There's no obligation to purchase, now or in the future.

If after your first session with Paul Levine you're not fully satisfied, we'll refund your money 100%, no questions asked.  So, you've got nothing to lose... except some bad trading habits.

If you have any questions, call us at 888-884-3875.