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Time And Sales data is extremely valuable when trading.  If there’s a lot of selling at (or above) the ask price, then price will tend to go up.  Alternately, if there’s a lot of selling at (or below) the bid price, then price will tend to go down.  You want to be in the direction the money is flowing.  The greater the difference between sales at the ask and bid, the higher the velocity of money in that direction.  The value is in the fact that increased money velocity occurs before a move in that particular direction.  Utilizing this information, you can precisely enter a trader before a move in price occurs.  Of equal import, you will stay out of bad trades if the money velocity is not in the direction you intended to trade.

The NinjaTrader T&S window provides real-time times and volumes (number of contracts) for each sale and whether the sale was at (or above) the ask price or at (or below) the bid price.  However, the data scroll past at an incredible rate, making it nearly impossible to determine the velocity of money.

To solve this problem, Stealth Traders created the Money Velocity indicator, a visual representation of the Time And Sales data.  With it, you can easily see real-time bars representing the number of sales at (and above) the ask price and the number the sales at (or below) the bid price.  An additional bar shows the difference between the ask and bid sales, the money velocity.  Now, with the Time And Sales data in an easily ascertainable visual format, you will know with precision when to enter trades, before moves occur.

Additionally, the Money Velocity indicator shows the number of block trades at (or above) ask and at (or below) bid, a further indication of money velocity.  It’s a Time And Sales and Block Trade indicator all in one.

You will not want to make any trades before first checking the money velocity with the Stealth Traders Money Velocity indicator.

Key Features:

  • Block trade audio alerts. Select audio files to play for several different block trade scenarios:
    • each block trade
    • when a set number of block trades occur at (or above) the ask price or at (or below) the bid price
    • when the difference in block trades at (or above) the ask price and at (or below) the bid price reaches a set number
  • Set the size of block trades.
  • Different colors for trades that occur above the ask price and below the bid price.
  • Running Total Line. Shows the overall trend in Money Velocity from bar to bar.
  • Difference Bars. Shows the difference between the ask sales and bid sales, the actual money velocity.
  • Fractal: can be used on any instrument and time frame, including cryptocurrencies.



  • Free technical support
  • Free updates


All for just $399.

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If you would like the NinjaTraderTM 7 version of the indicator, click here.


Note: The price shown is for one license (to install the indicator on one computer).  Each additional computer requires an additional license, which we offer at a discount.  The Money Velocity indicator is currently only available for the NinjaTraderTM platform.  The indicator also requires that your data feed provide bid/ask data.  Also note that the indicator only works in real-time.  So, if you refresh your data, reload, or change a parameter on any indicators on the chart, the Money Velocity indicator will start over in real-time, and any previous bars of the indicator will no longer appear.  This behavior is because of the real-time nature of bid/ask data, as no historical data are provided to recreate earlier bars.