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Pinpointing price reversals is the key to successful trading.  And the Stealth Traders HyperSnapback indicator provides you with a head start.  Based on an exclusive algorithm, the indicator reads anomalies in price that no one else in the market sees.  It looks for a specific signal, which is all that you need to trade.

There’s no indicator out there like it.  Invented by Stealth Traders and based on 30 years of trading experience, the proprietary HyperSnapback indicator can only be found here at Stealth Traders.  Not available anywhere else.

The HyperSnapback indicator is simple to use, and highly accurate.  When a Snapback or HyperSnapback develops, wait for the trend line (included in the indicator) to move in the same direction as the Snap.  For example, if you have a HyperSnapback Up setting up but the trend line is facing down, do not enter a trade yet.  When the trend line starts facing up in this situation, it is ok to go long.

You can also see the relative strength of Snpabacks and HyperSnapbacks.  High potential signals are indicated with dots and even higher potential signals are indicated with diamonds.

The indicator also provides accurate trade management.  The indicator has a Long Zone (above the 150 line) and a Short Zone (below the -150 line).  For example, when the trend line is in the Long Zone, you’re looking to go or stay long.  If you’re in a long trade and the trend line is in the Long Zone, a good time to exit the trade would be when the trend line leaves the Long Zone.  It’s that simple.

The HyperSnapback indicator will also help you avoid making bad trades.  In general, when all three lines are between the Long Zone and Short Zone, it’s best not to enter any trades, either long or short.

To make your trading even easier and more rewarding, we developed the Stealth Scanner.  It scans for HyperSnapbacks on 20 futures instruments, 18 currency pairs or 20 stocks across 9 different time frames, and emails you each time there’s a HyperSnapback setup.  A valuable tool to save you time and increase your number of trades.

Key Features:

  • Trend Line with Zone break arrows.  The line is dual colored to indicate whether the trend is up or down.
  • Audio alerts. Select audio files to play when there’s a:
    • Snapback Up
    • Snapback Down
    • HyperSnapback Up
    • HyperSnapback Down
    • Trend Break Up
    • Trend Break Down
  • Fractal: can be used on any instrument and time frame, including cryptocurrencies.



  • Free technical support
  • Free updates


All for just $499.

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If you would like the NinjaTraderTM 7 version of the indicator, click here.


Note: The price shown is for one license (to install the indicator on one computer).  Each additional computer requires an additional license, which we offer at a discount.  The indicator is currently only available for the NinjaTraderTM platform.