Successful entrepreneur Paul Levine started investing in 1985.  Like most people, he utilized the typical “hold and hope” strategy: hold stocks and hope they keep going up.  Things were going well, until Black Monday 1987, when his accounts were ravaged, nearly bankrupting him.  Vowing never to be decimated by the vagaries of the market again, he was determined to learn everything he could about investing, markets, why price moves the way it does, and everything one could possibly know about trading and the financial industry.  He researched ferociously and devoured knowledge, theories, concepts, ideas and principles related to trading and price movement.

Over the years, Paul developed a system based on patterns which are the predictive buy and sell times of institutional algorithms.  He learned the ins and outs of where your money goes and who is really looking out for you.  He developed, honed and refined algorithms and techniques, which he has been using to become one of the most accurate traders of our time.  For the past several years, he has been teaching his system to a select few.

In 2013, Paul joined forces with successful entrepreneur Matt Fortnow, whose programming and pattern recognition skills helped translate Paul’s algorithms and techniques into the functional Stealth Traders indicators.


In today’s markets, where the vast majority of trades are generated by the big institutions’ automated algorithms, you need to be stealthy in order to compete.  Our philosophy at Stealth Traders is to have the discipline to wait for the high potential signals that no one else sees, then make your move.

Learn to identify when others want “out” and why you may want “in” the trade.  Spot critical market turning points based on price action using chart patterns and our proprietary indicators to capitalize on trading opportunities.

History has shown that when everyone is looking down, we know it’s time to start looking up.  The Stealth Traders system creates a roadmap for you to know precisely when to buy or sell the market AHEAD of the big moves.  You will learn to recognize one signal and one pattern to make accurate trades on a consistent basis.  Traditional technical analysis which is interpretive is not only unreliable but dangerous.  The increase in high frequency trading is making it harder for the average retail trader.  That’s why our system is designed to anticipate market direction and momentum of price action.  It gives you predictive signals even when news meets, exceeds or misses expectations.

Regardless of your trading experience, we can teach you from the ground up or improve your current trading results.  Learn how to locate high possibility areas of support and resistance in advance of your trades.  Learn how to trade on all time frames and make money in all markets.  The Stealth Traders system will show you the predictive institutional buy and sell times of algorithms with ease as well as how to manage your trades for maximum potential.  It’s all about having the right tools, the willingness to learn, and discipline while trading.

Stealth Traders offers 1-on-1 training with Paul Levine, several proprietary indicators, and the Stealth Scanner to take your trading to the next level.

Any questions?  Feel free to email contact@stealthtraders.com or call us at 888-884-3875.

Best of trades.