Missed Your Entry Signal? No Problem.

Sometimes when you trade, you miss an entry signal, for whatever reason. Perhaps you were being extra cautious, or you just opened up a chart and the entry signal had just passed. What do you do in this situation? You could wait for another entry signal. Or, you could enter on a Snapback.

Most of the focus here on Stealth Traders has been on the high percentage HyperSnapback entries. And our Stealth Scanners are based on HyperSnapbacks. But, it’s time to shed some light on the regular Snapbacks, which are also high percentage. As the chart below (click to enlarge) shows, HyperSnapback setups are red or green dots or diamonds above or below the yellow line. Regular Snapback setups are pink or pale green dots or diamonds above or below the white line.

Generally, HyperSnapback setups indicate the start of a move, whereas regular Snapbacks indicate a continuation of a move. Usually, HyperSnapbacks will occur when the Momentum Band is the opposite color. For example, for a HyperSnapback Up, the Momentum Band will usually be red, but turn green as the move develops. Whereas for Snapbacks, the Momentum Band will already be the same color as the move. For example, for a SnapBack Up, the Momentum Band will usually already be green. And the same rule applies: enter the Snapback when the Trend Line (blue/magenta line) goes in the direction of the Snap. For a SnapBack Up, for example, wait for the Trend Line to turn blue.

Thus, SnapBacks give you a great opportunity to enter a trade on a move that has already started. So, if you miss a move, no problem. Just enter on a SnapBack. If you’re already in the move, SnapBacks also offer great opportunities to add on. Try it for yourself with our 7 day free trial.

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