LRC (Linear Regression Channel)

Easily Detect Entry and Exit Signals as Price Moves Within the Channel



Linear regression is a mathematical and statistical model for determining the trend of data points and predicting future data points.  Applying it to price movement can accurately predict future price movement and trend reversals.

The LRC is the only indicator that can truly detect when prices are overbought or oversold.  Generally, opportunities occur when price rises above the channel (overbought) or drops below the channel (oversold).  More specifically, when the channel is trending up, buying opportunities arise when the price is at or below the bottom of the channel.  Similarly, selling opportunities arise when the channel is trending down and the price is at or above the top of the channel.  When the channel is flat (not trending up or down), it may be advisable to hold off entering any trades and wait for the channel to trend.

Different than any other linear regression channel indicator out there, the width of the Stealth Traders LRC channel is based on a proprietary formula developed from 30 years of successful trading experience, resulting in the most accurate entry and exit signals.  It’s an essential indicator you don’t want to trade without.

Key Features:

  • Ability to change the period, which is the length of the channel or how many bars the channel takes into account.
  • Increase the period to detect longer trends.
  • Show or hide the midline, which is the actual regression line.
  • Show the Tracelines, which are the historical channel lines. Different colors show when the channel was trending up or trending down. A great way to get a feel for the indicator by seeing how price moved in the channel in the past.
  • Audio alerts. Select audio files to play when price goes above or below the channel.
  • Visual alerts. Set different colors for when price goes above or below the channel.
  • Fractal: can be used on any instrument and time frame.



  • Free technical support
  • Free updates


All for just $399.

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Note: The price shown is for one license (to install the indicator on one computer).  Each additional computer requires an additional license, which we offer at a discount.